“A thrilling emotion, in perfect Italian style”

MF (Madè Firenze) originates from the combination ofthe passion of Ilaria Iemmi(Creative Director) and the entrepreneurial spirit of Marco Matteini(CEO).

The name represents the spirit of the brand, tied to its region of origin with originality and innovation. The result is an expression of “Italianness” that is undoubtedly international. A wind of change that the market can’t miss.

The Florentine company’s goal is to give women the possibility to identify with a youthful and dynamic brand, designed fora glamourous everyday life.

Moving past the outdated notion of a “fashionista” woman, MADÈ FIRENZE is designed for a new, complete woman: dynamic, romantic and feminine. In one word: a modern woman, that stands out not only because she keeps up with the times, but because she expresses her authentic self without compromises. Her true identity.

Our values? Quality, attention to detail, innovation, Italianness, flexibility, emotion.